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Chandelier Removal

Professional Chandelier Removal

Do you have a chandelier that needs removed? Perhaps you want to replace the fixture or you plan on moving from one place to another. We can help. We can also crate the chandelier for proper moving.
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We use the right tools for the job. Our equipment is new and well maintained. Our tools allow us to move large fixtures quickly.

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We use the right pressure for the job even if that means no pressure at all. We know what remove stains and what does not.

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We take safety very seriously. We know the dangers inherent to our industry and take active measures to mitigate them. 

Chandeliers on the move

The Removal Process


Detach and Remove
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High Access
We remove / uninstall fixtures as high as 3 stories.
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We can crate and transport your lighting fixtures as needed.
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The Right Touch
We have experience required to handle delicate and even antique fixtures.
"Really loved working with this company! Andy was a pleasure to work with, very professional and friendly. He really took his time and was very detailed.. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends!."

Brianna J

Tampa , Fl
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Expert Removal Services

Over a decade of chandelier service experience
We use chain hoists as well as block and tackle hoists to removal chandeliers.
Professional and Considerate
Our techs are careful and patient. Chandeliers removal requires a delicate touch.
We are insured to handle any situation.

Recent Chandelier Removal Projects

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